zondag 19 mei 2013

The interview.

Hi there my spank friends.

I'm very proud that i can post today my interview that i did a couple of

weeks ago with Mike from the Netherlands; he's de proud owner from
the spankingsite's: Real-life-spankings and Spanked-in-Uniform.

I arrivated in his studio and he stay al ready with
a nice cup of coffee and
a lovely piece of cake; they call this in holland: gevulde koek yammy yammy.
After a little bit of talking about different things it's time to start the Interview.

Welcome to my blog Mike;I appreciate it very much that you have to make
time for this interview; and i don't lie when i tell you that he;s a very busy man.

1: can you tell me a little bit more about yourself; are you
married and when did you realise that you where into spanking?

Mike: My name is Mike and i'm married to my lovely wife Kelly.
The fascination with spanking started at a very early age for me.

2:How did you come to start with spanking site's
and how long are you doing this work?

Mike:I have been online with spanking sites for
12 years now; RLS has been online for almost
9 and SIU for 4years.

3: you are start with RLS; and then you launch SIU how;s that idea born?

Mike: I wanted to do more videos with proper storylines and visual
 effects and the idea of various uniforms came to mind.

4: You working with a lot of girls that"s unique; do all this girls this for
the money or need they sometimes a spanking in their real live?

Mike: A few do it judt for the money but most of them enjoy
spanking  in one form or another.

5: what do you prefer; the SIU story line approach or the
RLS method  the more domestic way?

Mike: I like both equally.

6: On your sites can we see  dutch girls and girls from other
parts of the world; What is the different to working between
                           this models?

Mike: Well the english girls are better actrices and can take harder spankings
because most of them  roleplay  a lot in England in their 1 to 1 sessions.

7: On your earlier clips did you filmed from a house; now you working on a
new location; it's that for protect your private life or do you have now more

Mike: Both; we used to shoot here at home but sice we renovated our house
we decided to keep it private and or new location has more options for filming.

8: A lot of people thinking very easy about your work; they see alone the spankings
but that's still a part from your job isn;t?

Mike: The actual spanking is 10% of the work; The rest
of time i spend edditing videos; pictures webpages; updating
sites and of course running the business.

9: You working always with the same cameraman;and i must say
he;s doing his work very well'; how long working you with him?

Mike: Mikey is my best friend and he has filmed for us since 2006
my wife is now filming a lot.

10: You managed to run two great spanking sites; did you have plans for more
sites in the future or what are you wishes for that?

Mike: I have a few ideas but i cannot tell you because then i will
have to shoot everyone that read this.

Me: ( I understand that very much)

11: The last words are for you Mike;did you want somethings to say?

Mike: Thanx for this interview and good luck with your blog.

I'd like to say thanks to Mike and his team for taking the time to

respond my questions one and once again; Recommend both
Real-life-spankings and Spanked- in-Uniform to you; so when you
curious take a look on the sites or become a member and enjoy
the world  from Mike the dutch spankingman and his team.

So dear spanko friends i'm happy that i can share this interview with
you all and hope you like it; for your  sugestions questions say hi or
other comments can you here post a message.

zaterdag 4 mei 2013

My blog it's in the air.

Hi my lovely spanking friends; I'm very happy that i can say my blog
it's  on the air;and i agree when you say he's very empty and that's true.
So i had a couple of day's ago an interview with the  webmaster and
owner from the dutch spanking sites:  real-life-spankings and his co
site: Spanked-in-uniform; and i hope to post this interview including
a couple of pictures in a couple of weeks ;and i'm looking
forwards to that.So don't be missed friends!! all the best: Ben.xx

maandag 8 april 2013

My first blog post.

Hi friends i'm very proud that i can write  my first post.
If you have any suggestions ideas or you  want to say hi 
than can you post a comment here. best regards.Ben xx